Texas Real Estate License Requirements

Courses Required

The Texas Real Estate Commission is the state agency overseeing Real Estate licensure. The basic education requirements of the State are that you must eventually have completed the equivalent of 210 classroom hours (seven 30-hour classes) in order to maintain an active Texas real estate license. These courses must be TREC approved Core courses. Sixty of these hours are allowed to be in accredited college courses, or TREC approved related courses. As a minimum to apply for a Texas real estate license, you will need 150 hours of CORE courses (five, 30-hours classes) in order to take the real estate exam, then, additional hours will be needed before renewing your license in the first year – total of 270 hours. Not every student is given 60 hours of college credits – each transcript is reviewed and credit hours given accordingly. As a simplified start, know that: Everyone must complete five, 30 hour real estate classes.

What will all the Costs be to get licensed?

Pre license tuition costs will be approximately $700-900 if you already have completed some related courses by having attended some college courses. The costs associated with applying and taking the exam fees to the Texas Real Estate Commission total about $180. You will need to pre- register; the results of the exam will be given to you upon completion of the state exam.

Requesting Evaluation of Education

Before actually applying for the License and in order to determine if completed college courses qualify as TREC approved related courses, you will need to send copies of your college transcript along with the Evaluation of Education Document Form to the Real Estate Commission. There is a small fee to TREC for this process and it usually takes about 10 business days. You will need to send your Real Estate course certificates when completed as well.

  • Mailing Address:
  • Texas Real Estate Commission
  • P.O. Box 12188
  • Austin, TX 78711-2188
  • Street Address: (for delivery)
  • Texas Real Estate Commission
  • 1101 Camino La Costa
  • Austin, TX 78752
  • Phone: (512) 459-6544 or 1-800-250-TREC (8732)

Applying For the License

You can make application for the license only after the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) notifies you that your education requirements have been met. There are application fees to be paid to TREC. Fill out the application on line (Application For Inactive Salesperson License).

The Exam

You will receive notification from TREC, once your application has been processed and accepted, that you are eligible to take the License exam. You will be directed to PSI Exams Online at http://www.psiexams.com. This site allows you to register for the test, locate the nearest test center, schedule test, and pay online for the test. The exam is highly refined. You must know the material to pass. Just having completed the required courses will not assure your passing the exam. We find it necessary for most and recommend that you take an on line exam prep course through Accelerated Professional Education before attempting taking the exam. There are two parts to the State Examination, a theory section (based on National practices) and a section particular to Texas.

Where do I Get the Required Real Estate Courses?

You may take the needed courses by correspondence, live classes and on line. Approved Real Estate courses can be taken from the regular curriculum at State Universities. Most applicants complete their needed Core Courses through private commercial schools that are approved and regulated by the Texas Real Estate Commission. For a complete list of courses, see Core Course List, and Related Courses. We direct our applicants through the accredited real estate school, Accelerated Professional Education, offering live classes in both East and West El Paso, and on-line courses everywhere. Go to website to order courses or phone the administrator at 915-834-4000 for questions. Order On Line Course Register for Live Class in El Paso